Is Your Food Helping Your Training?

We interview with Dr Justin Roberts, an expert on nutrition in sport, to find out how we can each go about understanding and meeting our personal nutritional needs for training.

5 Steps to Improve Your 5k

Aiming to run a faster 5k? Maybe you feel a bit stuck in a rut with trying to improve your time? Here are five steps you can take to try to chip away at your time and cross that finish line a little sooner…

Brendan Foster Interview: Tales From The Heart of Athletics

In Part 1 of our interview with the great Brendan Foster, he gives us an insight into how it felt to be on top of the world at the peak of his career.

Race Day Nerves: Six Strategies for Managing the Jitters

Do you find your tummy filled with butterflies when race day rolls around? Do you start feeling queasy with anxiety about a big event you’ve been focused on for months? Here are our six strategies for managing those jitters…

Coach’s Corner: Six Pointers for Marathon Improvers

Running coach David Chalfen provides six key pointers for marathon improvers – areas to consider to focus your training and improve your time.

Mindset: Sport Psychology for Runners

What goes through your mind when you run a race? How do you perceive yourself as a runner? And how could you benefit from sport psychology? We chat with sport psychologist Helen Davis to find out more about mindset for performance…

How Could Better Breathing Improve Your Running?

Could you improve your running by learning how to breathe better? Respiratory Physiotherapist Robin McNelis explains how retraining yourself to breathe better could make a huge difference to your running and more.

Why Warm Up? Benefits and Example Exercises

Fitness trainer Lin Skinner explains why warming up before running is helpful, and gives some practical examples of exercises with video demos…

Extending Your Comfort Zone

Performance Psychologist David Harrison joins us to explain why stepping outside your comfort zone is key to improving performance, and how to do it.

Building an Endurance Base

If you’re planning ahead to start training for a half- or full-marathon, it’s important to build a strong endurance base before you begin race-specific training. We explain why, and give some ideas on how to do it.