Complete Running & Marathon Book

complete running and marathon book

The Complete Running & Marathon Book is beautiful illustrated and a practical guide. It includes a wide range of valuable and well-explained exercises for strength, resistance and stretching exercises, and technique drills.

Twin Ambitions: My Autobiography, by Mo Farah

farah twin ambitions

Mo Farah’s autobiography traces an astonishing journey, from an African childhood playing street football to the Olympic stadium in London for his second gold medal in seven days. We are given an insight into the life, thinking and motivation of ones of Britain’s greatest ever distance runners.

Why We Run, by Robin Harvie

Harvie, Robin - Why We Run

This book made me wonder if there is perhaps a large intersection of ultra-runners and deep thinkers. It would be hard to know if there were a cause and effect here… whether the number of hours spent running such distances is likely to lead to profound contemplation, or whether the discipline of ultra-running itself is likely to appeal particularly to deep-thinking types. Or both.

Marathon Woman, by Kathrine Switzer

Switzer, Kathrine - Marathon Woman

Kathrine Switzer deserves her name to be familiar to all distance runners, particularly female ones. She has had a profound impact on the sport at every level, from the mass participative to the elite. In this book she tells the tale of her experiences and dispels some of the myths that have followed her (and women’s running more widely) for decades.

How to Run, by Paula Radcliffe

Radcliffe, Paula - How to Run

This is a practical guide to running, jam-packed with useful information, from one of Britain’s greatest ever distance runners. It’s tricky to think of anyone better qualified to provide coaching hints and tips! This book is a useful reference for a wide audience, from beginners to much more experienced runners, all put together by Paula Radcliffe in a characteristic friendly, approachable and no-nonsense style.