Running Shoes: Are Yours Right For You?

Much of what you read about running shoes will have been written by the shoe companies and their marketing agencies! So here’s an unbiased insight into running shoes, why they matter, and how to tell whether yours are right for you…

Burning Fat vs Losing Weight: Myths Uncovered

To address misunderstanding about the “fat burning zone”, we explain why weight loss is about calories rather than fat, and how running fits in with weight control.

Brendan Foster Interview: Tales From The Heart of Athletics

In Part 1 of our interview with the great Brendan Foster, he gives us an insight into how it felt to be on top of the world at the peak of his career.

The Benefits of Swimming for Runners

We take a look at why swimming can be a great form of cross training for runners, and the benefits it can provide.

How Running Helps My Depression: An Interview

Read Jo’s story about how running has helped her to cope with depression. She shares some honest and thoughtful insights into depression, the benefits of running, and how people can help each other.

Supporting With Kids: Family Survival Guide

Supporting at a race with kids in tow can be a challenge. This article celebrates family supporting, with stories from the coal-face and top tips for keeping everyone happy.

Reaching For Your Potential: Nine Strategies

If you want to run that bit faster, how do you go about “stepping up”? How do you work towards becoming the best runner you can be? Here are nine strategies for reaching for your potential…

Olympian Tom Bosworth on Records, Rio, and Acceptance

Tom Bosworth is a top star of British athletics, holding five national records for race walking, and finishing sixth in the 2016 Olympics. He tells us more about Rio, race walking, and why coming out was the best decision he’s made…

Aly Dixon: Toughing it out as a Marathon Elite

We are joined by Aly Dixon, one of the UK’s top marathoners who recently stormed to a sub-2:30 PB in Berlin. We chat with Aly to find out more about her background, her motivation, how she approaches training and racing, as well as what 2016 might hold in store.

Beth Hart: Running From The Heart

Following a heart operation, Beth Hart has gone from being unable to move from her sofa, to being a regular runner and running leader. We hear her story and why running has helped her.

Emma Stepto: Life as an Elite Athlete

We’ve been lucky enough to chat with Emma Stepto and gain some insights into the life of an elite distance runner. She’s an inspiring example.

Joasia Zakrzewski: Tales of an International Ultrarunner

Joasia Zakrzewski is a GB international ultrarunner, running to a 5th place finish at the 100k World Championships. She shares her wisdom on racing, training and not limiting yourself (oh… and cake!).

Adam Holland: Further & Faster

Adam Holland has the most UK marathon wins, and holds the 10-in-10 world’s best. Find out why “far-and-fast” for Adam is simply about enjoying running.

Greatest Racing: Marathon Magic

To provide you with some inspiration for marathon running, here are two of the most memorable performances of all time from Paula and Meb.

Greatest Racing Rivalries: Bannister, Landy & the Miracle Mile

The Empire Games, Vancouver, August 1954: Roger Bannister and John Landy meet for the first time since breaking the four-minute mile. One of the most thrilling mile races ever run, this is still known as The Miracle Mile.

Greatest Racing Rivalries: Sally Gunnell and Sandra Farmer-Patrick

To celebrate 23 years this week since Sally Gunnell’s Olympic win, watch these clips of her rivalry with Sandra Farmer-Patrick. And a bonus clip of David Hemery’s WR thrown in for more 400m hurdling fun!