Greatest Racing Rivalries: Bannister, Landy & the Miracle Mile

The Empire Games, Vancouver, August 1954: Roger Bannister and John Landy meet for the first time since breaking the four-minute mile.

Roger Bannister famously broke four minutes for the mile for the first time in history, on 6th May 1954 at Iffley Road, Oxford. This much anticipated and heralded breakthrough was hotly followed by Bannister’s great rival, the Australian John Landy, who ran more than a second faster just six weeks later.

The two athletes next met at the Empire Games in Vancouver, where the final of the One Mile on 7th August promised a spectacular racing rivalry. It did not fail to disappoint. One of the most thrilling mile races ever run, this is still known as The Miracle Mile.

Click on the link to watch the dramatic action…

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