Greatest Racing Rivalries: Sally Gunnell and Sandra Farmer-Patrick

This week marks 23 years since Sally Gunnell won Olympic gold. To celebrate, here are a couple of unmissable clips from the archives (with an added bonus too). 

Gunnell’s Olympic triumph was a hard-fought victory ahead of her great nemesis and rival Sandra Farmer-Patrick. Gunnell’s determination in the last 60 metres is palpable and still inspiring years later. Watch it here:

The following year at the 1993 World Championships, Farmer-Patrick had the opportunity to redress the balance. Once again the rivals were neck-and-neck in the home strait, and this time Gunnell clinched the title by the narrowest of margins. She had to break the world record to get the win. It’s an incredible race – watch it here:

For an extra hurdling treat, particularly for British fans, here is David Hemery also taking a 400m world record. This was the Olympic final in Mexico, 1968. The clip is complete with the celebrated David Coleman commentary (“who cares about third!” – third was actually the Brit John Sherwood, much to Coleman’s subsequent embarrassment).

With thanks to Richard Fisher for these clips.

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