How to Run, by Paula Radcliffe

How to Run

Paula Radcliffe book - How To Run

Paula Radcliffe, How to Run  
2011, Simon & Schuster: London, 176 pages

by Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe’s How to Run is a practical guide to running, jam-packed with useful information, from one of the greatest ever distance runners. It’s tricky to think of anyone better qualified to provide coaching hints and tips! This book is a useful reference for a wide audience, from beginners to much more experienced runners, all put together by Paula Radcliffe in a characteristic friendly, approachable and no-nonsense style.

Chapters cover topics including: setting your goals; kit; exercises for warm-up, post-run stretching and core strength; running tips and training plans for beginners, intermediates and advanced runners; mental aspects of running and racing; looking after your body; nutrition; and a chapter for women.

This is an invaluable resource for beginners, with a wealth of sound advice and guidance, and practical coaching on building speed gradually. It is also still a useful reference for the experienced runner – certainly her “fast” training plans are firmly aimed at those who have made a clear commitment to serious running.

My personal favourite sections, which are particularly well-thumbed in my own copy, are Paula’s running-specific core strength exercises (much more effective for runners than general core strength, and well-illustrated), and her various training plans. It’s also good to see a chapter for women with sensible coverage of topics such as menstruation, iron, 

pregnancy and menopause, which are typically overlooked in the plethora of male-dominated coaching books available.

I’ve bought this book as a present for several friends, including some new to running and some not, as it is useful, practical, reassuring, and beautifully designed.

Thanks Paula!


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