Marathon Pacing Calculator

The Flying Runner has created a new marathon pacing calculator below, which enables you to build your own pacing profile in a more user-friendly way than many of the existing tools on the internet, and you can output your own pacing band from your personalised pacing.

Your pacing band:

  • Most standard pacing bands simply chop up your target time into equal mile divisions. We’ve developed something more flexible for you.
  • You can create a pacing band based on a completely personalised pacing strategy.
  • The calculator enables you to input a target time and you can choose to look at how you might pace your race with even splits, a positive split, negative split, and make adjustments to any particular mile splits wherever you like.
  • So for example if you’re running a marathon with a big hill half way through, you can allow for that by using the +15 / -15 second toggles on the relevant mile splits.
  • Then you can create your own personalised pacing band to wear during the race – simple!

And if you want to, you can even start from the ARU research data to select a pacing profile based on a group of runners similar to you in experience and age, who you think paced their race well. You can view and tweak the data as your own pacing plan. You might not like the idea of using existing real data, and we’re not necessarily recommending this as an approach – our aim is simply to equip you to use the data in whatever way you like.

Calculate pacing that is even across the whole race.

My target time:h m s

Calculate pacing that is faster in the second half than first half

My target time:h m s
Run second half this much faster than first half:m s

Calculate pacing that is slower in the second half than first half

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Run second half this much slower than first half:m s

Calculate pacing according to the profile proposed by Dan Gordon's research.

(Link to article, seminar video etc. here)

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Not implemented yet

Calculate pacing from the profile you've selected, adjusted to your target time.

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Calculate pacing from our research data

You can build pacing based on the pacing of a particular runner in our research data from London Marathon 2015, or an average of a set of runners.

You can find out more here

Mile 1 (s) 300
Mile 2 (s) 300
Mile 3 (s) 300
Mile 4 (s) 300
Mile 5 (s) 300
Mile 6 (s) 300
Mile 7 (s) 300
Mile 8 (s) 300
Mile 9 (s) 300
Mile 10 (s) 300
Mile 11 (s) 300
Mile 12 (s) 300
Mile 13 (s) 300
Mile 14 (s) 300
Mile 15 (s) 300
Mile 16 (s) 300
Mile 17 (s) 300
Mile 18 (s) 300
Mile 19 (s) 300
Mile 20 (s) 300
Mile 21 (s) 300
Mile 22 (s) 300
Mile 23 (s) 300
Mile 24 (s) 300
Mile 25 (s) 300
Mile 26 (s) 300
Halfways (s) 7800
Finish (s) 7800