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Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel, by Matt Fitzgerald

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This is a fresh, sophisticated, and proven method of training that capitalises on running’s growing rebellion against mainstream traditional approaches. Most serious runners never realise their potential. The reason is simple: most runners are unable to run by feel.

Scripted training plans hold runners back because metrics and formulas do all of the thinking for them. Runners become trained to ignore their sense of feel, which is the most powerful training tool a runner can use. By stripping away the maths and gadgetry that has controlled modern training, “Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel” will help runners break out into faster, more enjoyable training and racing.

While running by feel can sound like a rejection of science, the mind-body method is rooted in major advances made in neurological research. New science has found that, even at the point of exhaustion, the body is holding back a reserve. The brain senses fatigue and prevents the body from overexertion.

A runner’s experience, training, and motivation determines how much of their reserve they can wield during a race. “Run” teaches readers how to listen to their bodies so they can access more of their body’s capability. Bestselling endurance sports author Matt Fitzgerald reveals how elite runners and world record holders have begun to rebel against traditional training to adopt the run-by-feel philosophy.

Run” shows committed runners how to implement the mind-body method and discover a better and more fulfilling way to run.

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