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Runner’s Journal

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The Runner’s Journal is a great resource for any runner. It provides one easy place to record everything related to your running, and makes a fantastic reference to look back on to review progress, record favourite routes, spot injury patterns, and even the assess the lifespan of your shoes.

This helps you to organise and plan your running, including goal-setting and route-planning. It gives you an overview of your best times, and enables you to measure your year in miles or kilometres.

Beautifully designed, with a tactile and durable cover, this journal is a joy to use (and a secret place for doing what runners love best… obsessing over running… shh!).



  1. About This Journal

Section 1: At-A-Glance Records

  1. Pre-Run Stretches
  2. Post-Run Stretches
  3. Favorite Cross-Training
  4. Favorite Routes
  5. Favorite Long Runs
  6. Shoe Log
  7. One-Year Shoe Log
  8. Gear to Get (or Covet)
  9. Pre-Long Run and Race Fuel
  10. Races to Run
  11. Short-Term Goals
  12. Long-Term Goals
  13. Running Around the World
  14. New Places to Run Bucket List
  15. Techniques to Try
  16. Symptom Tracker
  17. Treatment Record
  18. Physical Therapy Record
  19. Medication Record
  20. Races Run
  21. Race Times This Year
  22. Longest Distances in a Single Run
  23. Best Times for Same Run
  24. Split Times
  25. The Year in Mileage
  26. The Year in Kilometers

Section 2: Week-by-Week Journal (52 weeks)

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